Carport Canopy

If you’re looking for a great carport in the form as a great decorative piece, then the carport canopy is definitely something to take into consideration. A car canopy offers a bit of shade and protection at an affordable price. 

The car canopy is a more portable style carport, so a great idea to keep in mind is that it can be moved around from one place to the other with no problems. The roof of the carport canopy is designed with a durable fabric materials made to last. Get outstanding protection for your vehicle less than $375

Carport Canopy
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Whether you're using it for business such as detailing, outside food vendor, or just to protect your vehicle, a canopy made from the leaders in outbuilding, ShelterLogic will guarantee protection from inclement weather.


A carport with a canopy style top. These kits are budget friendly and quick to install.

What the advantage of investing in a canopy style carport?

With a price range from $100- $400, the most noticeable advantage would be price. In some cases they're more portable.


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