Firewood Rack

Where To Store Firewood For The Winter?

Outside of your house or shed, stack the firewood off the ground. A homemade or store bought log rack should be kept a few inches off the ground. This will keep the wood dry and further protect it from insects. If you put the log racks on the ground (rather than on cement or a patio) it needs to be staked into the ground in order to stay stable. If the log rack begins to lean the whole pile can come falling down.

Log racks should be kept a good 30 feet from the house. Firewood attracts a lot of insects and it is best to keep these pests away from your home. If you don’t have the space to keep the wood far from the home, be sure not to stack the firewood against your home’s wall. Leaving some room will give the firewood better air circulation and give your house a bit of protection.

Firewood Rack
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