Steel Metal Garage

One of our most durable prefab kits are the steel metal one car garage. These models are made with an anti corrosion steel and weather sealed doors to keep your vehicle dry and safe.

With extra high walls you can store a variety of different items as well. Choose a metal kit that'll best suits your need. Sizes start from 12 x10 ft to 12 x 30ft. All  kits are back with a 20 years of warranty. They're very reliable and offer ultimate protection without any worries.


Depending on the location, you may need a building permit for a metal garage kit. That mostly depends on where you live. Checking for local regulations is extremely important before installation. Most of the time building laws can be very simple and straightforward.

The steel garage kit is inexpensive when compared to the standard garage. Despite that, you are not skimping on anything. You are still getting the best return on investment. They can last from 25 to 30 years or more maintenance free. These Metal units can withstand winds up to 100 mph. You will never have to worry about strong winds destroying this structure.

Metal Garage Collection
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Everest GRC1230 Kit Front Everest GRC1230 Kit
Everest GRC1225 Kit Front  Everest GRC1225 Garage Kit
Everest GRC1220 Kit Front Everest GRC1220 Kit
 Everest GRC1215 Kit Front Everest GRC1215 Kit
Everest GRC1210 Kit Fron Everest GRC1210 Kit

Prices will differ based on size. No matter what size, you'll always receiving the best return on investment. The durability and easy installation combined makes the Everest SOJAG Series a great investment. This is the ideal storage solution if you're looking for ultimate protection without breaking the bank. There's also extra space inside for tools or a mini workshop!

What's a metal garage?
A detached metal prefabricated storage solution for your cars, boats, shop or any need. These units come in various sizes. Most kits can be installed within a couple hours and cost a lot less than traditional stick-built structures.

Do I need a permit?
That depends on the location. In most cases, you will not need a permit, but
some areas will requires a building permit. We highly recommend that you
check with your local city for any requirements before installing a metal unit.

How much does it cost?
A ShelterLogic Sojah Everest unit can cost from $2,000 to $5,000. Prices will
slightly vary with different brands.

Are they any good?
Definitely yes! Although they are much less expensive than the standard garage,
these prefab steel structures have a very long life expectancy. Most steel garages
will come with a long 20 year warranty and could last about 25 years or longer.

How much snow can it hold?
Snow rating may vary with brand or model. Most structures can hold up to 35 pound square foot.


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