Portable Garage

There are many situations when you need outside storage but end up waiting because of high garage prices or you may have a garage, but you need more storage space. The portable car garage is created with the idea of being very easy to set up anywhere you want at an affordable price. It can be used when you go camping, for protecting your vehicles. It can be right near your home, in case you want to use it for proper car storage and even item storage.

What makes the portable car garage so interesting and versatile is the great attention to detail. You have a multitude of different features accessible here, and each one of them stands out with the great quality and value being brought to the table. 

The size varies based on what unit you want to choose. A great benefit is that some kits can easily store multi or larger vehicles. Which is great, because you avoid spending a lot of money while still having plenty of storage space. 

All  portable car garage is waterproof. One of the main reasons why you are buying this type of product in the first place is waterproofing. Damage due to weather conditions can ruin your investments, so having a product that helps protect your vehicle is extremely important. These kits is not limited to cars, you can also add a boat, bus, large trucks or whatever  you want.

Portable Garage
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The portable car garage comes with a variety of different shapes to choose from. There are one-car or two-car model size. Peak roof are most common. Barn roof are preferred by some customers.A round roof are great for snow. You can easily pick which option suits your needs the most. You can expect excellent protection from any roof type. What style you choose come down to personal preference. Prices will differ based on the portable car garage size.

What is a portable garage kit?

A portable garage is a non-permanent outbuilding that typically consists of just a steel frame with a tarp-like cover. The're affordable, waterproof, and low-maintenance. These kits come in different sizes for any vehicle style or storage needs. 

What is the best portable garage?

According to armchairempire reviews the ShelterLogic's Garage-in-a-box comes in #1. This kit are available in different sizes for any storage needs. If you're looking for a more premium structure, then go with the Sheltertube, which has a higher wind and snow rating. ShelterLogic make both brands.
What are some advantages for a portable garage?

Great Protection

The main reason for any storage solution is providing great protection. Weather conditions can cause fading, rust, dents, and other damages.These kits will protect your investments from the rain, snow, hail, or sunlight. The steel frame and UV-treated heavy-duty tarp makes a great combination for a durable but cost effective shelter for any vehicle.


Since you don't need a foundation, you can set them up anywhere in only a couple hours. Its important that you anchor  these structure properly. Anchor accessories may be vary depending on the surface type. If you decide to relocate its easy to take it with you.


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